Friday, June 7, 2013

Nineteen year old in D.C. Experience

Katelyn and Pamela O'Leary at WODW

Hello dear readers,

I am Katelyn O'Leary, little sister of Pamela O'Leary who is the creator of this blog. She asked me to write a piece on my my experiences while in the Capitol of the United States. Last night we attended WODW (Women Opening Doors for Women) event hosted by WIN (Women's Information Network). It was my first time at any WIN event. To begin the night off, we went to the networking reception. My sister, of course, was a powerhouse knowing and talking to numerous women there. I, personally, felt a little overwhelmed. I believe it probably takes a certain type of person to be able to navigate the networking world of Washington, D.C. Don't get me wrong though. I am a very sociable person who can talk to just about anyone no matter what race, religion or age. It's just overwhelming to think you are in a room filled with women who all are in some way or another gunning for a certain position or advance in their career and will do so by getting to know the right people in the position to accelerate their career. And true, I understand this can be seen throughout with any career or social setting but I feel that it is on a whole another playing field than normal here. So am I personally cut out for living in this D.C. world, I highly doubt it. Why?  I know I could do it. The only thing is that I don't think I would want to. So please take into consideration this is a purely objective opinion on the networking world of D.C. I do not want to discourage any woman who thinks she can do it. More power to you lady! If you can excel in that environment, there is probably no limit to how far you can go with your career. You go girl!

Katelyn O'Leary
Class of 2016
University of Central Florida
Political Science and Pre-Law Major

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