This holiday season, my Christmas wish is to live in a world where true gender equality is the reality. The feminist movement needs a new Declaration of Sentiments.

Whereas after multiple waves of the feminist movement and although women now out earn their male peers in terms of bachelors and advanced degrees, on average, women in the Unites States still only earn 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, with higher discrepancies for women of color; still only represent 20 percent of Members of Congress; and are only 4 percent of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies.

Whereas there are clear societal benefits to women’s empowerment, women’s leadership in companies yields higher profits and female legislators introduce more legislation related to education and healthcare, with evident social benefits for all.

Resolved, that the patriarchal defined norms of leadership have failed society and more feminine leadership styles need to be adequately valued.

Resolved, that all women deserve equal pay for equal work, including the legal tools they need to challenge the wage gap itself.

Resolved, that all parents deserve paid maternity and paternity leave.

Resolved, that all working people deserve paid sick leave to provide adequate care for loved ones and for our aging society.

Resolved, that all women, including college students and women in the military, deserve the right to be free from sexual violence.

Resolved, that the LGBTQ community deserves universal protection against discrimination, beyond just marriage equality.

Resolved, that despite decades of the creation and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and policies, a culture of unconscious bias persists which must be abolished once and for all.

Resolved, that the women of the United States deserve the constitutional protection of an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

Resolved, that a girl deserves to grow up in a world where she sees positive female role models in all professions.

Resolved, that all human beings deserve to live free from the shackles of human trafficking.

Resolved, that especially when the United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates of the industrialized world, all women deserve to have guaranteed access to healthcare and to control their reproductive choices.

Resolved, that all people, regardless of gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnicity, ability, religion, marital status, or age, deserve to have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and contribute to society by choosing their own paths.

Resolved, that society should value women for their unique potential to lead in ways society has yet to be enhanced by this new feminist revolution.