Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Three Models for Women's Economic Empowerment

There is an awakening in American society for the need for women's empowerment. While we are far from parity in most sectors of society such as business, politics, academia, etc., great strides are being made everyday.  Research studies from McKinsey and Catalyst have well documented the positive benefits of advancing women leaders, so I won't focus on that today.  Rather, let's examine three models for how organizations and individuals can work together for the advancement of women's economic empowerment.

In short, there is no single solution to advancing women leaders in American society and our workforce. We need to combine strategies from the three models below.  All stakeholders need to play their part, and we can learn from each other.  Gender parity is possible and everyone will benefit from such equality.

Public Policy & Legislation
Responsible parties: Government entities (local, state, national, and international)
Looks Like:

Organizational Diversity Management
 Responsible parties: Corporations and institutions
 Looks Like:

 Individual & Community Empowerment
 Responsible parties: Individual persons communities, and organizations
 Looks Like: