Sunday, May 3, 2015

Solo Travel: Just Do It!

I am thirty, and while I have been to almost thirty countries, I finally took my first solo vacation abroad. For years, I dreamed of visiting Costa Rica and I'm proud I finally made it happen! I highly recommend you challenge yourself by putting yourself in a foreign environment to explore on your own! This was a deeply empowering and transformative experience.

Even just a year ago, I never would have wanted to do this.  I'd be bored. It wouldn't be fun. I wouldn't be safe.  All these self imposed limitations proved to be false in reality.  

I had a blast hanging out solo and navigating my way through a new country.  I made new friends along the way.  This was a great exercise in self-reliance.

Many women often hold themselves back from what can be very exciting new possibilities. What is your dream adventure that you have yet to cross off your bucket list?  Why are you still waiting? Expand your comfort zone and ask yourself the following questions. What is uncomfortable for me? Why is that uncomfortable? How long will I keep holding myself back?  Of course be smart, safe, and manage your risks, but don't let fear control you.

Yes, it's expensive to travel abroad.  But you can consider low-cost or free ways to otherwise take a solo vacation. What new activities can you try?  Where can you immerse yourself in a foreign experience, whatever kind of place that takes you outside your comfort zone.  Can you do a one day silent retreat at your home? Have you ever eaten alone in a restaurant? Have you ever gone to the movies alone?  Is there a Meetup or social outing you want to check out? Feel free to start with small steps.  I wish you all the best as you create new possibilities for yourself!