Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy National Girlfriends Networking Day!

Happy National Girlfriends Networking Day!  I couldn't think of a more fitting day to launch this new blog.  Thanks for checking it out!

Women on top- what a potentially provocative blog title!  Yes, sadly, my mind also automatically thinks of a sexual connotation, but let's reclaim that! When I say "women on top," I want everyone's thoughts to go to women in top leadership positions.  I want more women as committee chairs in Congress, more CEOs of fortune 500 companies, more top ranking military officials, etc.  I sincerely believe the best way to make the world a better place is to have more women leaders in all sectors of society.  Moreover, I believe the best way to break the glass ceiling is to invest now in cultivating the leadership potential of young women and girls.

The goal in writing this blog is to highlight the significant yet often undervalued power young women and girls have in improving society.  Each week, the blog will feature a young woman leader, an organization that empowers young women, and best practices for how young women can develop their leadership. While the focus of this blog will be the United States, I hope to share stories from inspiring women and girls around the world.  I welcome your input about what you'd like to read.  Please always feel free to share your questions, comments, and concerns.

Never underestimate the power of young women and girls! In the United States, young women led organizations that resulted in the first government inquiry into working conditions. If you pass by the White House today, protestors are a common sight.  But did you know that that first political group to publicly protest the White House was the National Woman's Party, a suffrage group led by young women!

I encourage you to check out the website for National Girlfriends Networking Day.  I am deeply grateful to all my amazing girlfriends of all ages who support me personally as well as professionally.  Almost all of my past jobs and career accomplishments have directly come through or benefited from connections from supportive girlfriends.  Thank your girlfriends today for everything they do for you! 

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